N's Eberron

Entering the gateway grounds


Our intrepid group has come across a half worked half natural cavern system that seems to be a gateway into the underground city they were attempting to get to. The group had fought some fungus covered centipedes (of a sort). They hardly took much damage from this fight, so had decided to go into one of the two available halls. After going through the hall they had set off a magical trap, twice, because they neglected to move from the spot in which it was set off and the trap had reset before they moved. The group had come into an opening that looked as if it were of some import, but a few of the group had decided to mess with the large fountains of blood in the corners. They have come to discover that the blood fountains are alive. One of the party members had cast a spell upon the blood fountain provoking the creatures into attacking. During the fight one of the casters had created an area of obsidian, possibly ruining the function of this room. This has yet to be investigated.


VictorTall VictorTall

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