N's Eberron

3rd Adventure

Peace talks, trouble lurks

The group went to the tribal hold. Defeated their champion; The Worm that Walks. They discovered that the tribe is on some drug known as Zerk. Its questionable on whether the tribe has seen the townsfolk of Myeville are truly simulacrums or just delusions of being on the drug. When the group came back to Myeville, they had brought peace with them. However, the group has found out that there is a new threat to this region, as the excavation team of Myville has come to close to a chamber of creatures that burst through the thin rock wall that was in place. During the initial calamity several miners were injured, killed or are MIA. The mayor of Myville implored the group to investigate and eliminate the threat of danger to both Myville and the Tribe, Highrock.


VictorTall VictorTall

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