Numon Bakim

Spell Specialist 8


Numon Bakim:
Emberkin (aasimar)
Age 78 yrs
Spell Specialist
Traveling merchant (expert)
Died in a bandit attack at age 60 (18 yrs ago)
Caravan Guard (arcanist)
Died in a bandit attack at age 62 (18 yrs ago)

I am the product of a sudden snowstorm, a covered wagon, and a bottle of very good wine. My parents were dedicated to their professions as traveling merchants but wed soon after discovering the pregnancy and attempted to settle down shortly before I was born. Around my 3 birthday, the open road began to call and we were nothing more than nomads ever since. They decided to both train me in their respective professions, which I took to exemplary. When I was 12 it was noticed that I was maturing physically slower that other kids and my parents took me to a cleric to discover the source. During this examination, it was discovered that, while I look like one, I was not exactly human. This caused my parents to leave the caravan that they were with for many years and transfer to new outfit every few years in order to hide my “condition” by lying about my age. When I came of age, I struck out in a separate caravan for the experience, which allowed my parents to stay with the current group. My group discovered the remnants of my parents’ caravan about a month later. I spent 3 years discovering the culprits and bringing them to justice. Since this I have be doing my best to carry on the family business but it has taken somewhat of a back seat to adventuring.

Numon Bakim

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