N's Eberron

Entering the gateway grounds

Our intrepid group has come across a half worked half natural cavern system that seems to be a gateway into the underground city they were attempting to get to. The group had fought some fungus covered centipedes (of a sort). They hardly took much damage from this fight, so had decided to go into one of the two available halls. After going through the hall they had set off a magical trap, twice, because they neglected to move from the spot in which it was set off and the trap had reset before they moved. The group had come into an opening that looked as if it were of some import, but a few of the group had decided to mess with the large fountains of blood in the corners. They have come to discover that the blood fountains are alive. One of the party members had cast a spell upon the blood fountain provoking the creatures into attacking. During the fight one of the casters had created an area of obsidian, possibly ruining the function of this room. This has yet to be investigated.

Beyond the mines

The adventuring party was exploring the caves beyond the mines. They had come across 2 underground dwelling giant types that were basically bowling the party members with boulders. After a very tiring combat with these creatures the party decided to rest within the spot the giants had made camp in. Once rested up the group decided to explore further. They came across a stone bridge crossing a very deep ravine. The group was once again set upon by the swarming creatures. The group had decided to cross the bridge and take it out so that they would no longer be pursued by the swarm.

Save the mines

The group had come back from the Highrock Tribe to Myville with an agreement. After they had gotten the initial agreement completed they were asked to help out with the mine. The mine had apparently become infested with monsters and were killing the miners. The group had agreed to help with this problem for an additional 1000gp. Once they had gotten to the mine and started clearing it. they were set upon by an enormous swarm of creatures. after clearing out several of these creatures, the group had heard an explosion and a cave in, most likely from the entrance of the mine. The group decided to push on further into the cavern system beyond the mine.

3rd Adventure
Peace talks, trouble lurks

The group went to the tribal hold. Defeated their champion; The Worm that Walks. They discovered that the tribe is on some drug known as Zerk. Its questionable on whether the tribe has seen the townsfolk of Myeville are truly simulacrums or just delusions of being on the drug. When the group came back to Myeville, they had brought peace with them. However, the group has found out that there is a new threat to this region, as the excavation team of Myville has come to close to a chamber of creatures that burst through the thin rock wall that was in place. During the initial calamity several miners were injured, killed or are MIA. The mayor of Myville implored the group to investigate and eliminate the threat of danger to both Myville and the Tribe, Highrock.

2nd Adventure

The group had visited Myeville. Made an observation that the town was made of “pretty people”. Neshama got laid. Ogre got drunk. Chippy banged on the door all night. You also visited the mine. During the visit you noticed that there was blood and magical ice residue from a similacrum or clone left behind from at least one of the bodies. You decided to venture to the Tibe’s camp and hopefully parlay with the chieftain. You are now being escorted to the Tibe’s hold by 4 gnolls and 4 serpentfolk.

First Adventure

Last time we met, our intrepid adventurers were traveling with a House Orien Caravan escorted by House Deneith. You were attacked by a few monsters, some of which devoured a few NPCs traveling with you. You had gotten some loot from the dead guards. You are now back on track heading to Myville. (I will be trying to keep better track of events from now on.)

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