General Campaign
Eberron campaign setting with Pathfinder rules. Eberron setting has been edited to be more compatible with Pathfinder rules and to balance out the differences between 3.5 and Pathfinder. Also the campaign setting was slightly altered to fit how I pictured the Eberron world should be vs. cannon. A lot of the setting has stayed the same with some alterations as the campaigns involved have dictated it.

The World as we knew it…
The world of Eberron was pretty much left as is. Which are:
We began the setting approximately 7-10 years after the end of the 100 Year War.
Alignment of good vs. evil are not as big of a deal as they normally are. Just because someone is inherently evil doesn’t means they will be cast down and smote right away. Dragons (no matter their color) often assumed humanoid form to infiltrate the “civilized lands” of Khorvaire, and perhaps do things according to their own agendas, mostly in dealing with the Prophecy/Dragonmarks. The 12 main Dragonmarks and their houses were left unchanged (as far as I can recall). Country borders, primary governing bodies, and entities within were not changed.
The alterations as far as I can recall (its been over 7 years since we last played in it) are:
Dragonshards from each Khyber, Siberys, Eberron are associated with each living individual currently on the planet and tell that person’s own personal prophecy. This is a very well kept secret, so players are very unlikely to run into this aspect of the game.
Since Khrovaire had its 100 Year War, very few individuals (comparatively to the population) were of a level of higher than 5th in any player class on that Continent. However the other continents of Sarlona, Xen’drik, and Argonnessen have had less recent continental strife to cause their populations to be lacking experience.

The world evolved…
Here are most of the World altering Events as dictated by the previous campaigns:
A “Voltron” like warforge rampaged through Sharn and destroyed several buildings, but was ultimately defeated.
Bastion, a new port in Xen’drik was founded and is now a major player competing against Stormreach in adventuring in Xen’drik. This New city in Xendrik was founded by a previous campaign and as such the PCs are now NPCs who run the city if they have not returned home or moved on to other things in life.
Merrik D’Cannith was murdered, his body put on display for all to see, but none to touch. It is suspected that either a decidedly unhappy group of Warforges did this, or one of his house members caught him and is trying to implicate anyone else but House Cannith. His body is still on display at one of the largest trading hubs of Sharn.
The last member of the House of Vol was destroyed (at least it appears to be that way) at a large battle which was later called the Ashen Spire incident, located at the base and crux of the Ashen Spires mountain range in Karrnath. During the battle the characters had discovered she had built an Eldritch machine. What the purpose of the machine was, no one will know for sure since it was interrupted in its true function. When the Eldritch machine misfired, a large beam of energy shot out into the sky and illuminated the 13th moon, the moon of Vol. This misfire caused the Eldritch machine to Overload and the many many dragonshards used to focus the energies of the machine exploded sending the shards everywhere within a 10 mile radius. The overload of the machine also sent the focusing array (composed of many of the largest Dragonshards ever seen) into space. A few minutes later the moon of Vol was impacted and shattered.

The world as it is now…
This campaign will be taking place almost 20 years after the Ashen Spires Incident. In that time champions and heroes have started to grow in numbers (and levels). During the 20 years after the Incident, Four rings have shown up around the human associated moons, one ring per moon. Four new, distinct marks have shown up on the creatures of Eberron. The owners of such marks have built themselves “houses” or are still attempting to gain some sort of greater influence that the 12 other Houses are covertly undermining as much as they can. The Four new Houses are: Mark of Changing associated with the Ring of Shynne around Aryth (Orien/Passage); Mark of Shifting associated with the Ring of Grarl around Dravago (Vadalis/Handling); Mark of Metal associated with the Ring of Fyrga around Eyre (Cannith/Making); and Mark of Adventure associated with the Ring of Gajiro around Eberron itself as an outer ring. much farther out than the Siberys Ring. These rings took time to form around their current locations as a result of the moon of Vol shattering. It’s often wondered if there will be more rings appearing around other moons.
There are tensions growing in the Old/Major Houses against the NewLesser ones. During this time some of the more ambitious have used this opportunity to undermine the other major Houses to lose or give up resources to benefit their own House, blaming it on the newer, lesser Houses. There is whispering from those whom keep record of old (mostly the dragons) that a second War of the Mark may happen, as it did when the marks first started showing up on the lesser races.
The countries of Khorvaire remain largely unchanged. Not one leader so far has gathered enough strength or support to take the throne of Galifar.
Newer races (those from pathfinder) have come out of the wood work whether it be from uncharted territory in Khorvaire itself or from another continent. Most were drawn to Khorvaire to see what had happened at the Ashen Spire event. Some integrated with Khorvaire others went back into hiding.